Monday, 2 July 2012

~sWeEt sOuR iN mY LiFE~

Our life is like a game.
Sometimes we enjoy to finish all the games..
Sometimes we feel so hard to finish the journey.
Nobody knows how suffer we are to face the probs.
We just smile at all time to seek what we feel deep in the heart.
Even it is a FAKE smile.
That is the best thing that we should do to hide our sadness.

Everything happens in our life has the reasons.
We cannot force someone to accept who we are.
Nevertheless, we can accept the people who can accept who we are.
That`s fair right?
Sometimes we think we are the best among the best.
Sigh~ In fact, you are totally wrong.

Sometimes we should be an independent person to survive our life.
Everyone surrounds us also has his or her own business.
For sure, they have no time for us.

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