Monday, 24 December 2012

neVer givE uP

YESTERDAY I love you, 
TODAY I leave you, 
TOMORROW you are NOBODY to me

awak terrrrr ;D

Sy doakan awak bahagia n terus berbahagia even bkn dgn  sy.
Sy harap awk dpt buat yg terbaek utk diri awk n for your future ^,^
Andainya ini yg terbaek utk kita, sy terpakasa akur..
Sy pasrah..
Sy redha...
Sy seikhlas hati merelakan perpisahan ini...
Semoga awk gmbira dgn decision yg awk buat nie..
Sy mengaku sy bkn yg terbaek utk awk..
Sy doakan semoga awk dipertemukan dgn seseorg yg dpt mnjaga awk..
Seseorg yg dpt membimbing awk...
Berjuta kemaafan sy pohon di atas apa yg terjadi..
Hidup la dgn keegoaan awk tu..
Semoga dgn keegoaan awk tu, awk dpt apa yg awk inginkan...
Terima kasih kerana hancurkan hati ni..
 Sy terima semua keputusan yg awk buat...
Sy tak pernah salahkan dgn apa yg terjadi ini..
Mungkin ada HIKMAH disebalik apa yg terjadi...
Andainya, awk mmg milik sy...
Sumday you`ll back to me.

Relationships are like glass. 
Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to 
hurt yourself putting it back together.

I have no regrets in my life. 
I think that everything happens to you for a reason. 
The hard times that you go through build character,
 making you a much stronger person.

n0thing ;)

 Hye peeps.. 
Long time no see.. hee. how are you?
In fact, I have no idea to story morry here. Hihihi..
So, I should have my new dream and forget the past.
InsyaALLAH, i will =)

New semester make me more confident 
but sometimes I think am I so strong to face all problems?
That is the question.. Ngeee.

That`s all from me.. 

raDiah RazaLi

The simple of me.. ^.^

Sometimes we should be an independent person to survive our life.
Everyone surrounds us also has his or her own business.
For sure, they have no time for us.
Just let our mind think of that thing.
Just forget the bad memories in our life and try to give a BIG smile to others.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I try and think of what to do. 
It seems pointless, ... this waiting.
I do not know and I am quite a bit confused with you.
Sometimes I think you need me and
Sometimes you seem to want to throw me away from your life.

I try to shade all those fearful and hopeless emotions.
The truth is I am losing this battle.
 I am losing myself again and I'm afraid.
I'm afraid that I will turn into my old self again without you.
I am afraid that all that I have done on everything will vanish.
I am afraid of how I will feel in the end.
 I am afraid of your silence. I am afraid of myself.
I am afraid that you will actually never love me again.

People never know what I am feel deep of my heart.
They do not know what it is to be here. To be me.
To feel this. If they have felt it,
Well... this is me, not them.
Im too tired of all this =(
                                                          Yesss. I really do feel so empty. 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

hati sila gagah 0key !!

Senyum dalam kesedihan adalah suatu KETABAHAN,
Menangis dalam kepayahan adalah suatu KESABARAN,
Gembira dalam keredhaan adalah suatu KETENANGAN,
Mensyukuri pemberian ALLAH adalah suatu NIKMAT KEBAHAGIAAN!

Friday, 7 December 2012

"when something happens, there MUST be a reason"

sometimes when we need somebody, there are not there.
sometimes when we give the best, nobody satisfy.
sometimes when we do wrong, nobody cares.
sometimes when we explain the truth, nobody listens
sometimes when we try to be strong, there still a little of tears.
sometimes when we have the sweetness, the bitterness come.  
sometimes when we smile, there still a cry
sometimes when we fall, we need space
sometimes when we like, they don't like
sometimes when we hate, they love
but the most important thing....
"when something happens, there MUST be a reason"
keep calm and carry on. :)

Monday, 3 December 2012


bila awak terluka sentiasa ada saya di sisi awak,
bila awak nangis sentiasa ada saya yang hapuskan air mata awak.
tapi mungkin awak tak sedar semua tu,
sebab di mata awak cuma ada dia :')