Friday, 30 September 2011

. .LiFe. .

lonely lonely lonely. can you see that i'm very lonely right now. without you i'm dying. when i sit in my room, i realise that 'i am lonely'. crying silently in my room knowing you are far away from me right now. thinking about you every night, flashback our memories, it's hurt. but i know, deep in your heart you still love me. that's why i keep waiting. waiting for you. pretend like we never been in love. but trust me, i love you till i die :( i'm not strong enough, but i am a very good pretender :)

ini lar aku yg sukar tuk di tafsir kan..
slalu gelak tapi hati jew yg tau ape yang berlaku...


  1. kenapa ni..rindu ke frust?

    jom komen entri sy juga

    1. . . s0e lar xperasan ade c0mmnt. .entah lar hidup sukar ditaksirkan. .:)