Thursday, 28 July 2011

. .my sELF. .

hye yOu..yeS yoU..radiAh rAZaLi..
pe0ple wh0 are n0t grateful f0r what she had..
c0uld y0u st0p being unhappy wif y0urself  ??
y0u are much perfect n0w..*in fact n0 0ne is perfect*
st0p wishing y0u l00ked like s0me0ne else 0r wishing pe0ple
liked y0u as much as they like s0me0ne else..
st0p trying f0r t0 get attenti0n fr0m wh0 hurt y0u,
st0p t0 hating y0ur b0dy
,y0ur face,
y0ur pers0nality
,y0ur style
and y0ur w0rds..
l0ve and appreciate them with0ut th0se thing,
y0u w0uldn't be y0u !!
and why w0uld y0u want t0 be any0ne else ??
l0ve wh0 y0u are n0w..
put a smile 0n y0ur face..
it'll draw pe0ple in..
if any0ne hates 0n y0u because y0u're happy wif y0urself ,
just put up y0ur middle finger t0 them and wif that,
y0ur happines will n0t depends 0n 0thers anym0re..

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